Deborah Loewenberg Ball has been named to a panel of distinguished faculty members at the University of Michigan convened to examine the intersection between political thought/ideology and instructors’ responsibilities to students. The panel is being led by U-M President Emeritus James Duderstadt. In addition to Ball, the panel includes Susan Collins, Deborah Goldberg, Don Herzog, and Bill Lovejoy.

The panel’s primary objectives are:

  • To examine relevant university policy, including but not limited to statements in the Standard Practice Guide and the Faculty Handbook.

  • To gather and review relevant policy statements of peer institutions.

  • To gather input from stakeholders across the university.

  • To recommend how to clarify current policy or create new policy that clearly articulates institutional principles and expectations at the intersection of faculty members’ responsibilities to students and their own personal views.

More information about the panel is available in The University Record here.